From Orbit is an RTS-lite about exploring, building, gathering, and being eaten by aliens.

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux (August 27, 2019)

And now on Nintendo Switch (October 6, 2020)

From Orbit Dev Log #7

Lift Off!

At long last… I did the thing. After 3 years of work, and an idea that began way back in 2015, From Orbit has launched on Steam! A big thank you to my collaborators, Jesse, Matt, tenfour, and Allan. These guys really added so much to the project. I also have to thank my Dad who played an absolutely unreasonable amount of From Orbit over the past couple of years and was effectively a one-man QA team. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #6

Creature Complete

Phase 8 Well look at that, another year and another Phase completed! The second half of 2018 was Phase 8, and a big part of it was creature content on the art side, flushing out some technical capabilities on the programming side, and continuing to lay the groundwork to actually publish the game. Steam From Orbit now has a public page on the Steam Store so go add it to your wishlist! [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #5

Phases 6, 7 Complete

Oh, darn. I missed a whole phase back at the end of 2017. It’s been quite a while since the last update, figured the halfway point of the year was a good time, and fortuitously my Phase 7 to-do list was completed at the same moment. Continuing the project while back at my day job as really brought home the value of properly tracking tasks in a to do list. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #4

Phase 5 Complete

The completion of From Orbit Phase 5 also marks the end of my sabbatical and return to the full time day job. It’s been a fantastic break and opportunity to make a lot of progress on From Orbit, as well as enjoy the beautiful summer here in Vancouver. Being back at work means progress will slower, but From Orbit was rolling before I took a break, and it will continue to do so now. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #3

Phase 4 Complete

Welcome to the From Orbit Phase 4 completion dev update! As far as the number of tasks completed, Phase 4 was the most productive so far. Lots of bugs fixed, as well as usability issues that were frustrating during play testing. After I recorded 40 minute or so long playtest video, I thought why not edit it down into a promo reel? One reason: Editing video takes a long time. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #2

Phase 3 Complete

When I started working on this project I didn’t have any concrete milestones in mind, so I thought in “phases”, and now it feels silly to change to “milestone”. Anyway, Phase 3 is complete! From Orbit Character Skins WIP - May 2017 Continuing on with the theme of this phase, the focus was on improving the look of the game. We require more minerals Refined and completed the 4 unit mode skins, and added or refined their unique animations, using blocked in gear. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #1b

One month of full time development.

From Orbit Dev Build - June 12, 2016 In the first part of this post I gave a general introduction to the project, and here I just want to give a quick rundown of all of the things that have been completed so far. Year 0 I’ve actually been working on the project slowly on the side for some time, what did I get done during that time? [Read More]