From Orbit

From Orbit is an RTS-lite about exploring, building, gathering, and being eaten by aliens.

  • Status: In Development
  • Platforms: Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Release Date: Spring 2019

Follow the development of From Orbit on Twitter @tentaclehead, or check out the dev log below.

From Orbit Dev Log #5

Phases 6, 7 Complete

Oh, darn. I missed a whole phase back at the end of 2017. It’s been quite a while since the last update, figured the halfway point of the year was a good time, and fortuitously my Phase 7 to-do list was completed at the same moment. Continuing the project while back at my day job as really brought home the value of properly tracking tasks in a to do list. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #4

Phase 5 Complete

The completion of From Orbit Phase 5 also marks the end of my sabbatical and return to the full time day job. It’s been a fantastic break and opportunity to make a lot of progress on From Orbit, as well as enjoy the beautiful summer here in Vancouver. Being back at work means progress will slower, but From Orbit was rolling before I took a break, and it will continue to do so now. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #3

Phase 4 Complete

Welcome to the From Orbit Phase 4 completion dev update! As far as the number of tasks completed, Phase 4 was the most productive so far. Lots of bugs fixed, as well as usability issues that were frustrating during play testing. After I recorded 40 minute or so long playtest video, I thought why not edit it down into a promo reel? One reason: Editing video takes a long time. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #2

Phase 3 Complete

When I started working on this project I didn’t have any concrete milestones in mind, so I thought in “phases”, and now it feels silly to change to “milestone”. Anyway, Phase 3 is complete! From Orbit Character Skins WIP - May 2017 Continuing on with the theme of this phase, the focus was on improving the look of the game. We require more minerals Refined and completed the 4 unit mode skins, and added or refined their unique animations, using blocked in gear. [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #1b

One month of full time development.

From Orbit Dev Build - June 12, 2016 In the first part of this post I gave a general introduction to the project, and here I just want to give a quick rundown of all of the things that have been completed so far. Year 0 I’ve actually been working on the project slowly on the side for some time, what did I get done during that time? [Read More]

From Orbit Dev Log #1a

What even is this thing?

From Orbit is a game that I’ve been working on slowly in my spare time for over a year now. It began as one prototype out of many on a project that was ultimately canceled. Then it was a game jam at the end of 2015. And since then it has been a slow burning side project. From Orbit Game Jam - Dec 2015 The idea: [Read More]